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30 Pictures Of Mummies That Made Us Say 'Whoa'

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Has the random thought "show me a picture of a mummy!" ever just popped into your head? We don't blame you. Mummies are some of the most fascinating bits of history - even for people who aren't into sci-fi or death. They represent culture and status while also satisfying that morbid curiosity of what people looked like centuries ago. Often, it's the Egyptians that are most well-known for their mummifying practices, but many other societies cherished this process of preservation as well, and it's these such practices that keep bodies from completely disintegrating as they would without the treatment. 

But let's not forget that bodies can be preserved even without the aid of morticians postmortem. How? If the conditions are just right, hair, soft tissue, and muscles can remain attached to the skeleton long after passing. Pictures of mummies that are preserved in a non-traditional manner like this can sometimes be even more mind-blowing. One thing's for sure: these pictures of mummies have 'woah' written all over them.