15 Facts We Just Learned About Rock And Roll History That Made Us Say 'Woah'

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Rock history is rich with interesting facts that sometimes give us a bit more insight into some of our favorite musicians' careers and private lives.

We've looked through Reddit's various rock and history threads to find the most interesting facts about rock history. These are some of our favorites.

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    The Doors Recorded Music For A Ford Dealer Training Video

    From Redditor u/YourOwnBiggestFan

    TIL The Doors' first studio recording was backing music for a Ford dealer training video - it was recorded about 4 months before their debut album.


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    Paul McCartney Doesn't Need A Passport For International Travel

    From Redditor u/haddock420:

    TIL In 1967, Paul McCartney forgot his passport when traveling to France to shoot a music video. He told the agents, ‘You know who I am so why do you need to see a photograph of me in a passport?’ And was let through.


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    Phil Collins Performed All 'Tarzan' Songs In 5 Different Languages

    From Reddit user u/dvdung1997:

    TIL Phil Collins, composer of the soundtrack to Disney's 1999 animated film Tarzan, performed all the songs not only in English, but French, German, Italian, and Spanish as well.


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    Pink Floyd Shut Down Heathrow Airport's Airspace With A Giant Pig

    From Redditor u/flyingbyson:

    TIL the pig on Pink Floyd's "Animals" was an actual 40ft balloon. A marksman had been initially hired on the 1st day to shoot it down, should it break loose--but he was absent on the 2nd. That day, it broke free and flew into Heathrow Airport's airspace, resulting in all flights being cancelled.


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    Creed Signed Its First Contract With... Blood

    From Redditor u/KaleBrecht

    TIL in 1997, Scott Stapp and Brian Marshall of the rock band Creed originally signed their record contract in blood; causing it to need to be reprinted.


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    Queen Made More Money Than The Queen Of England

    From Redditor u/bonnieweelad:

    TIL that the popular rock band 'Queen' are worth more than the Queen Elizabeth II