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15 Seemingly Nice Characters Who Were Cold-Blooded Behind Closed Doors

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Some of the worst villains are those who don't present as villains at all. You know the baddies we're talking about - the evildoers who keep manicured lawns and bake cookies. They're villains who pretend to be good, the monsters who look like they teach at a liberal arts university - not the monsters who present themselves for what they really are.

The wolves in sheep's clothing that are included here are made up of villains hiding in plain sight who took out their own guys and cold-blooded monsters who do whatever they have to do to get their way. It's just that they do it wearing a cable-knit sweater, not a big, green helmet with horns.

All of these villains hide their cruel core with a mask of kindness, but some of them are better at it than others.

  • The Nice Exterior: Prim and proper to the nth degree, Dolores Umbridge does everything she can to put up a "nice" exterior. She drapes herself in pink. Her office is decorated with pastel curtains and teacups. She keeps her voice to a squeak whenever she's speaking.

    The Real Character: In spite of her pastel outfit and the general meekness of her nature, Dolores Umbridge is one of the vilest people in the Wizarding World. Not only does she ignore Harry and his friends when they have legitimate information about Voldemort's return, but she straight-up assaults the children of Hogwarts. 

    Cold-blooded to the core?
  • The Nice Exterior: This incredibly powerful, primordial being may be a living planet, but he's also one of the most charismatic beings in the universe. Ego goes out of his way to welcome Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians into his seemingly idyllic world (that's also somehow his body) while promising Quill they'll have the father-son relationship the hero always wanted.

    The Real Character: To paraphrase Yondu, Ego may be Peter Quill's father, but he wasn't his daddy. Ego's M.O. is to impregnate women across the galaxy to hopefully birth another Celestial into the heavens, and then use their power to increase his. This process doesn't just kill the mothers, but when the children don't display Celestial energy, they're iced as well. Once Ego realizes Peter doesn't want to be a part of the Living Planet's whole "take over the entire universe" thing, he flips out and tries to murder his son and all of his son's friends. 

    Cold-blooded to the core?
  • The Nice Exterior: This beautiful art historian certainly seems like she's the perfect match for Indiana Jones. Intellectual and physically fit (she was an Olympic swimmer), Elsa can keep up with Jones whether he's searching out archaic runes, digging through tunnels beneath Venice, or escaping the Knights Templar on a boat.

    The Real Character: It's a shame that so many people in the life of Indiana Jones are Nazis, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Elsa isn't just Nazi adjacent, she's attending Third Reich book burnings and doing whatever it takes to get her hands on the Holy Grail for Mr. Hitler. As if that weren't bad enough, she hooks up with two generations of Jones men to get what she wants. Get as freaky as you want, Elsa - but can we please not pit father and son against each other when they have an already fraught relationship?

    Cold-blooded to the core?
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    Lotso Bear In 'Toy Story 3'

    The Nice Exterior: When the toys first meet Lotso at the daycare center, he welcomes them in with open arms. He literally looks like a teddy bear, and he happens to smell like strawberries (which is a nice touch). His charm is impossible to ignore, and he's genuinely easy to love.

    The Real Character: Cruel and teeming with hatred for everyone around him and his circumstances, Lotso is a true piece of trash. Less a benevolent leader and more of a despot, Lotso takes out the pain of his abandonment as a young toy on everyone around him by ruling the Sunnyside Day Care with a tight, vicious squeeze.

    Cold-blooded to the core?