List of Films Scored By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

List of movies with music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, listed alphabetically with trailers of the movies when available. This list includes any film scores composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, ranging from smaller indie movies to larger blockbuster pictures. Film composers are responsible for writing and composing the music that plays during the movie, which is particularly important for dramas and adventure movies- imagine what Lord of the Rings would have sounded like without an amazing score. Useful bits of trivia are can be found below, such as who directed each film scored by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and when the movie was first released. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a world renowned film composer, so if you're a music buff use this list to find the names of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart soundtracks that you haven't heard before.

List ranges from Amadeus to The Rules of the Game and more.

This Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart films list can help answer the question, "Which movies were scored by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?"

  • After the South

    After the South

    Adèle Haenel, Isalinde Giovangigli, Ulysse Grosjean
    • Released: 2011
    • Directed by: Jean-Jacques Jauffret
    After the South is a 2011 drama film written and directed by Jean-Jacques Jauffret. "A modern drama freely based on real events. One sweltering afternoon in the south of France, four lives ...more
  • Amadeus
    F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, Jeffrey Jones
    • Released: 1984
    • Directed by: Milos Forman
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce) is a remarkably talented young Viennese composer who unwittingly finds a fierce rival in the disciplined and determined Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham). ...more
  • Babel Opera
    Alexandra Vandernoot, José van Dam, François Beukelaers
    • Released: 1985
    • Directed by: André Delvaux
    • Released: 1996
    • Directed by: Damian Pettigrew
    Balthus Through the Looking-Glass is a 1996 French documentary film directed by Damian Pettigrew on the French painter Balthus. The film was honored in a cycle of film classics by Jean Renoir, Marcel ...more
  • Cheating, Inc.

    Cheating, Inc.

    Gregory Bernstein, Jared Bushansky, Derek Purcell
    • Released: 1991
    • Directed by: William Lorton
    Cheating, Inc. is a 1991 short, non-dialogue comedic silent film about a class of students cheating on their exam. The film was an official selection of the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.
  • Dinosaur Ballet

    Dinosaur Ballet

    "The art of ballet is performed by a collection of tutu-wearing dinosaurs in this short and simple, child-like animation." Quoting the description from the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival site.