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The Most Messed Up Things Wolverine Has Ever Done

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Marvel has given Wolverine many opportunities to shine as a hero, but there are plenty of moments of Wolverine being a d*ck. He may be the best there is at what he does, but sometimes what he does best is act like a jerk. He's betrayed friends, eliminated family members, and has inflicted unforgivable cruelties. In his tenure as a mutant superhero, he's also done some truly weird stuff, even if it isn't exactly d*ckish.

Take a look at this list of the some of the worst things Wolverine has done and vote up the ones that really aren't heroic at all.

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    Regularly Uses "Take Out the Kid" as a Go-To Solution

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    Wolverine resorts to killing or trying to kill a child preemptively surprisingly often, even if there are other options available and the kid hasn't done anything wrong yet:

    - In Uncanny X-Force #5, he argues for the murder of the child clone of Apocalypse.
    - In Avengers vs. X-Men #2, he tries to slay the teen Hope Summers out of fear of her Phoenix powers.
    - In All-New X-Men #5, he wants to eliminate the young teen Cyclops from the past in order to prevent a future he might cause.
    - In Ultimate X-Men #41, he terminates a teenager who has newly manifested mutant powers that accidentally killed a group of people.

    There are many other similar instances of this. Logan thinks killing potentially dangerous kids is the right thing to do, but often doesn't bother to look for other options.

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    Turns Into an Oppressive Despot

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    In the Age of Apocalypse comic book saga, Wolverine (called Weapon X) is one of the mutants fighting for freedom against the tyrant Apocalypse. When Apocalypse is taken out, Weapon X offers himself to the Celestials to become Weapon Omega, a new Apocalypse who ends up just as twisted and cruel as his predecessor. The oppressed Logan becomes an even worse oppressor.
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    Drowns His Own Son

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    One of Wolverine's greatest modern foes is his son, Daken, a mutant with claws and a healing ability, just like his old man. The two cross paths and clash in a number of series, but Wolverine eventually slays his own flesh and blood in the Uncanny X-Force - Final Execution story in 2012.

    How does Logan dispatch his progeny? By holding his head down and drowning him in a puddle. That's cold, man.
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    Becomes Lord of the Vampires

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    In What If? #24, Dracula takes a bite out of Logan to turn him into an evil, mindless vampire minion. Too bad that Logan's healing factor counteracts the mind control aspect of Dracula's powers. With newfound vampire abilities on top of his mutant ones, Logan usurps Dracula and becomes "Lord of the Vampires." He then attempts to eliminate everyone else in the Marvel Universe.
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