The Most Messed Up Things Wolverine Has Ever Done

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Marvel has given Wolverine many opportunities to shine as a hero, but there are plenty of moments of Wolverine being a d*ck. He may be the best there is at what he does, but sometimes what he does best is act like a jerk. He's betrayed friends, eliminated family members, and has inflicted unforgivable cruelties. In his tenure as a mutant superhero, he's also done some truly weird stuff, even if it isn't exactly d*ckish.

Take a look at this list of the some of the worst things Wolverine has done and vote up the ones that really aren't heroic at all.

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    Sleeps with Mary Jane in Peter Parker's Body

    Sleeps with Mary Jane in Peter Parker's Body
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    In Ultimate Spider-Man #66 & 67, Wolverine and Spider-Man have their minds switched into each others' bodies (classic comics hijinks). While Logan fakes his way through the everyday life of the 15-year-old Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson gives "Peter" a little affection. When the two heroes get their minds back into their own forms, Peter finds out that Wolvie had sex with his girlfriend while cruising in Peter's body.

    Technically it's two teens hooking up, but seeing as Wolverine's mind is that of an adult and Mary Jane, an underage girl, is unaware that she's not actually with her boyfriend, it's really skeevy and gross. In fact, it's a lot like that weird sexual assault in Revenge of the Nerds.

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    Possibly Sleeps with an Underaged Squirrel Girl

    Possibly Sleeps with an Underaged Squirrel Girl
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    In New Avengers #7, it is hinted that the spunky Squirrel Girl and Logan had some form of relationship in the past that ended awkwardly. Then in Wolverine #8, Emma Frost ventures into Logan's mind and sees his sexual fantasies, which include a buxom Squirrel Girl.

    Keep in mind that, in continuity, Squirrel Girl is still a teenager at this point, not the freshman college student she eventually becomes in the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series. So this leaves comic fans to wonder whether or not an Avenger committed statutory rape. Whether she is of age or not, it's still deeply uncool, especially since Logan himself has been around for well over a century.

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    Constantly Creeps on Jean Grey

    Constantly Creeps on Jean Grey
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    Throughout all of the main universe X-Men comics, films, and television series, Logan crushes on Jean Grey. Hard. So hard that he constantly undermines Jean's relationship with Cyclops, even after the two are married. He even throws vicious tantrums about it.

    Move on, man. The lady made her choice. It's one thing to pursue her when she's available, but the constant come-ons are desperate and creepy. Jean is her own woman and isn't a prize to be won.

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    Regularly Uses "Take Out the Kid" as a Go-To Solution

    Regularly Uses "Take Out the Kid" as a Go-To Solution
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    Wolverine resorts to killing or trying to kill a child preemptively surprisingly often, even if there are other options available and the kid hasn't done anything wrong yet:

    - In Uncanny X-Force #5, he argues for the murder of the child clone of Apocalypse.
    - In Avengers vs. X-Men #2, he tries to slay the teen Hope Summers out of fear of her Phoenix powers.
    - In All-New X-Men #5, he wants to eliminate the young teen Cyclops from the past in order to prevent a future he might cause.
    - In Ultimate X-Men #41, he terminates a teenager who has newly manifested mutant powers that accidentally killed a group of people.

    There are many other similar instances of this. Logan thinks killing potentially dangerous kids is the right thing to do, but often doesn't bother to look for other options.

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    Drowns His Own Son

    Drowns His Own Son
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    One of Wolverine's greatest modern foes is his son, Daken, a mutant with claws and a healing ability, just like his old man. The two cross paths and clash in a number of series, but Wolverine eventually slays his own flesh and blood in the Uncanny X-Force - Final Execution story in 2012.

    How does Logan dispatch his progeny? By holding his head down and drowning him in a puddle. That's cold, man.
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    Unknowingly Lays Waste To His Own Children

    Unknowingly Lays Waste To His Own Children
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    During Jason Aaron's run on Wolverine, Logan goes on a rampage against a group of "Mongrels" and kills them all in order to reach the Old Man, the leader of the Red Right Hand. After Wolvie claws them all to shreds, the Old Man reveals in issue #14 that all the Mongrels are, in fact, Logan's children. Father of the Year, folks!
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