Actors And Actresses You Want To See As Wolverine And X-23

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Well, we knew it would have to happen eventually. A casting call will soon be put out for a new actor to play the role of Wolverine. Yes, unlike his onscreen counterpart, Hugh Jackman does age like everyone else (although considerably better than most). And so, the man who has so vividly brought to life the raw physicality, volatile anger, and heroic spirit of Logan has announced that, after the next solo Wolverine movie, he will be hanging up his claws.

So, what does the future hold for one of the central protagonists of the X-Men movies? We can probably all agree that the franchise would suffer without the character. Wolverine is the heart and soul of the X-Men, not to mention the most badass of the bunch. He must be replaced. But who amongst Hollywood's elite could fill those adamantium bones? This Wolverine fancast list is designed to answer that question.

Luckily, the choices for actors who could play Wolverine are doubled from what they were back in the late '90s, when the first X-Men film was cast. If you've been following the comics, you know there is a new Wolverine in town, and she don't do mutton chops. Her name is X-23, and she's Logan's female clone, created as part of the nefarious Weapon X program. After the recent comic event, "The Death of Wolverine" (Spoiler alert: Wolverine died!), X-23 inherited the yellow spandex and all the attitude and turmoil that comes with it. And the films may be taking a cue from the comics, as X-23 is rumored to make an appearance in Wolverine 3.

So, whether they pass the claws on to a new female Wolvie, or reboot the character with another hairy brute, one thing remains certain: whoever is chosen has to be the best at what he (or she) does, and what they do best must be to look good on screen while sneering and goring bad guys. In the meantime, let's indulge in some Wolverine fantasy casting, shall we? Here are the most promising candidates for a claw fitting. And, as always, vote up the actor or actress that makes your claws pop!

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