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Wolverine's Long List of Lovers

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List RulesGirlfriends and love interests of Wolverine found in Marvel Comics.

Wolverine has lived a very long life, which would really help explain why he's had so many relationships in the past century or so. And with joining the X-Men (which, ironically, is filled with women), you're bound to spark a relationship with someone. Here, we take a look back at his laundry list of Wolverine’s girlfriends, some have even become his wife.

One of Wolverine’s most notable relationships is with fellow X-Man, Jean Grey. Wolverine and Jean Grey had a flirty relationship ever since Wolverine teamed-up with the X-Men, which makes Jean's boyfriend/husband super jealous (and is probably why Wolverine and Cyclops don't get along that well). He's also been forced to slay her more than once, as Jean Grey has a habit of resurrecting as an all-powerful cosmic being. Another X-Men member Wolverine knocked boots with his Storm. Wolverine and Storm also had a flirty relationship, but after Storm got divorced from Black Panther, they took their relationship to the next level. While no one knows exactly how old Wolverine is, these relationships span his entire life and alternate universes.

Believe us, though, the train doesn't stop with them. Wolverine's been engaged, married, had a homosexual relationship, and even had kids with a few lucky ladies. His children have even become major characters in recent years. Sad to say, though, most of Wolverine’s girls end up dead... so maybe they really shouldn't be described as "lucky." 

Who is Wolverine's best lover? You get to help decide who is the best girlfriend of Wolverine. Vote up your favorite lovers of Wolverine. Make sure to vote the ones down you don’t see Wolverine starting up a future with.  After you are finished with this list, head on over and vote on Spider-Man's girlfriends.

  • Mystique is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list Wolverine's Long List of Lovers
    Photo: Jae Lee/June Chung/Marvel Comics
    Wolverine has a very long history with Mystique. They first met in the early 1900s when their relationship quickly escalated to the physical act of love. But there's no trusting this one. They were also lovers in the alternate reality known as House of M. 
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  • Rogue is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Wolverine's Long List of Lovers
    Photo: Marvel / Wikipedia / Fair Use

    While the X-Men were confronted by the monstrous Golgotha, a space creature that amplifies people's emotions, it was revealed to Rogue that Wolverine had desired Rogue in a romantic way, and always had. They start kissing passionately until her powers started to kick in.

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  • Silver Fox is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Wolverine's Long List of Lovers
    Photo: Marvel Comics / via comicvine

    Silver Fox and Wolverine fell in love in the early 1900s and lived together in the Canadian Rockies. On Wolverine's birthday, she was presumed slain by the hands of Sabretooth. Years later, they would be reunited, only to have Sabretooth finish the job he started.

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  • Red Sonja is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Wolverine's Long List of Lovers
    Photo: Marvel Comics
    In a What If? issue, Logan is transported to Red Sonja's reality where they are lovers.
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