Social Media A Woman Dropped Her iPhone Onto A Balcony And Her Rescue Attempts Are Hilarious  

Rebecca Shortall
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You've no doubt felt your blood run cold as your beloved smartphone slips from your grasp and begins its slow-motion descent to certain smashed screen doom. And you've also felt that rush of relief when the phone lands butter side up and the screen remains intact. Now imagine those feelings times three, because that's surely the emotional roller coaster Toronto-resident Liz Bertorelli felt when her phone dropped a whole story and landed on her downstairs neighbor's balcony in October 2017.  

Thankfully, Liz Bertorelli's iPhone remained intact, despite its extreme vertical descent. Bertorelli choose to document her iPhone rescue attempts through tweets, and soon the Twitterverse was following along. This funny story about a dropped iPhone perfectly displays the intense passion people feel for their phones and all their ridiculous accessories.

It Happened After A Dinner Party


Wine, balconies, and precariously pocketed iPhones do not a good combination make, as 27-year old Liz Bertorelli discovered one October night. While she was outside, her iPhone 6 fell from her pocket and landed on the balcony below:  

“We’d had a few glasses of wine. I was putting stools back out on the balcony, and my phone came out of my back pocket... It was pitch black and I just heard the drop... The amazing thing was that it didn’t land on the screen.” 

The Neighbors Weren't Home


Bertorelli made the voyage downstairs and knocked on her neighbor's door several times, but to no avail. No one appeared to be home.

She Threw A Note Down


The resourceful Bertorelli went back upstairs and threw a note down with a another phone number on it to the balcony below. Luckily for her, it landed right on their table.

The Wind Blew Her Note Away


Bertorelli's smart plan was thwarted by the elements: the wind blew her note off the table. Even worse, the forecast suggested rain was due to arrive.