Weird History One Woman Tried To Rid America Of Alcohol By Destroying Liquor Bottles With A Hatchet  

Mick Jacobs

Years before Prohibition ever became law, a strong anti-alcohol movement took hold in a passionate portion of the population. The video below delves into one woman's own personal vendetta against alcohol, and the messy ways in which she went about fighting it.

Carrie Amelia Nation, AKA Carry A. Nation, felt it was her divine duty to enforce her values of temperance through any means necessary. If an establishment served libations, Nation would go to said establishment and destroy their stock using whatever she had handy.

Sometimes she used rocks, sometimes she used a hatchet, but Nation always stuck to her ideals that alcohol would bring about the ruin of society, never once considering that her own lawlessness might actually do the same. 

Nation held these ideals until the end of her life, never faltering from her stance against the evils she saw in liquor. Watch the video below to find out what got her so animated about alcohol.