Graveyard Shift A Hospital Employee Shared This Disturbing Story Of A Woman Giving Birth To A Cabbage Patch Doll  

Mick Jacobs

Is this a true story of maternal instincts gone mad or merely an improbable urban legend? According to the tale, a woman wanted a pregnancy so bad she went the artificial route; in this case, the term "artificial" does not refer to in-vitro fertilization but something much, much worse.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the woman and her boyfriend told doctors she was going into labor. The doctors began to examine her, only to be horrified by a wholly unexpected discovery regarding her impending "birth."

As they further observed her "labor," the doctors realized just how far some people will go to achieve a pregnancy. For many desperate parents, these various schemes completely disregard their own mental or physical health. 

Of all the hospital staff nightmares out there, this one remains in a class of its own. Exactly what happened?