travel Woman Helps Drunk Aussie Board Flight And Records Hilarious Encounter  

Rebecca High

Australians stick together no matter where they are in the world, and they film videos like this to prove it.

A Victorian woman captured hearts of the internet for helping a fellow Aussie board his flight after he drank too much during a connecting Dubai flight. He was struggling to collect his luggage from an overhead compartment and falling all over himself as he disembarked. 

She offered to help him get to his terminal and the new friends joked their way from the tarmac to the terminal, down the escalators, through a security checkpoint and to the boarding gates. He would have never made it to his flight without her. Unsurprisingly, he now refers to her as his “guardian angel” and “Wonder Woman.”

Watch this video and bask in a little good old fashioned compassion... and keep this in mind next time you're tempted to drink yourself silly on a plane!