True crime This Woman Jumped On A Moving Car To Stop A Thief, And It Was All Caught On Camera  

Rebecca High

In an incredible video captured by a gas station surveillance camera, a woman stands next to her white SUV pumping gas as a black sedan pulls up in front of her car, blocking it.

A guy in a black hoodie pops out of the sedan and jumps in the white SUV, as the woman is still pumping gas into it. Then, in a bizarre sequence that almost seems like it's unfolding in slow motion (it's not), the black getaway car slowly pulls away as the white SUV lurches forward with the thief at the wheel. 

But the woman lunges across the hood of her vehicle while the thief tries to pull out of the gas station, stepping on the gas to try to shake her. She's determined, though, and clings to the windshield. After a moment, the driver gives up and bails back into his getaway black sedan, leaving the white SUV to its (presumably) horrified owner. 

The video is as amazing for the woman's heroics as it is for the oddity of watching two guys try to jack a car in broad daylight. Watch this video for a good laugh and thankfully, a happy ending.