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Paranormal Investigators Filmed A Woman's Creepy Transformation Inside Britain's Most Haunted House 

Jacob Shelton
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On December 2, 2017, the Ghost Hunt UK investigative team set up shop in a haunted house in St. Osyth, Essex, England, hoping to find proof of the paranormal... and they got much more than they anticipated. A woman volunteering with the group who’s only known as “Debbie” joined the list of people who were possessed when a demon passed through her body - and the whole thing was captured on camera. Most footage from paranormal investigators is the classic shaky night-vision footage that rarely shows anything of substance. But that’s definitely not what’s in this footage of a woman possessed by a witch's ghost.

Seeing a woman possessed by a ghost caught on camera is so much creepier than it sounds. Her face contorts and her body changes, almost as if whatever’s inside her is just trying out her skin to see if it fits. When the Ghost Hunt UK team investigated one of the most haunted places in Britain, they probably assumed they were going to get interesting footage, but they couldn’t have imagined they would get something as scary as this.

The Possessed Volunteer Physically Mutated And Contorted


Right around 3 AM - or the Devil's Hour - on December 2, 2017, a woman only known as "Debbie" experienced one of the most awful things that can happen to someone: demonic possession. She was volunteering with Ghost Hunt UK in their research at one of the most haunted houses in England when a demon took over her body. 

In the video captured of the event, Debbie's face contorts, her fingers seem to grow, and a crooked smile breaks across her face. According to the guys at Ghost Hunt UK, the footage was captured by a hidden camera they set up to catch spooky action, but they didn't tell any of the volunteers. After her transformation "Debbie" looks directly into the camera

Debbie's Nose Changes In The Video
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In his write-up of the haunting events in The Cage, Brad Mac from Ghost Hunk UK points out the facial of features of Debbie pre- and post-possession. Mac draws the reader's attention to her nose especially, calling it "straight and short." In the video of Debbie's possession, her nose is the first thing that changes, becoming elongated and hook-like. Her nose becomes the classic witch nose that can be seen on Halloween decorations across the world. 

Debbie's Neck Was Scratched Up After The Encounter

After the alleged transformation, Debbie was still dealing with the effects of a demon attaching itself to her. She ran downstairs in a panic saying she felt like she was on fire. Debbie ripped off her outer layers and found long red marks that looked like claws tracing down her back. 

No one knows how the marks could have appeared, but they seem to have been made by human-sized hand. However, there's no one standing behind Debbie in the video.

The House Used To Be A Prison For Accused Witches
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The Essex house where all of the trouble went down was once known  as "The Cage." It was a prison for women who were accused of being witches. The most well known of these women was Ursula Kemp, a woman who was held in the prison and executed in 1582. 

If women were being held against their will for false crimes in "The Cage," then it's no wonder that the house is so haunted. The owner of the house claims she got out of the home after she saw a shadowy figure standing over her baby in the middle of the night.