unspeakable crimes Brave Woman With A Revolver Stop's Husband's Brutal Beatdown  

Samantha Dillinger

To be honest, very few situations exist where guns actually resolve conflicts productively. One of the few exceptions exists in the video below, where one wife does whatever she can to save her husband.

Footage from the incident shows members of a gang attacking the woman's husband, going at him with their fists and other objects. Despite being outnumbered, the woman bravely stepped out to face the gang members while brandishing a revolver.

The gang, aware of how powerless they would be against a gun, scattered quickly once the woman's threat was clear. She and her husband remain okay, and an investigation has been launched into the husband's assault.

Again, guns typically escalate rather than deescalate a situation. But in this instance, the woman appropriately used the gun as a means of saving her husband. See for yourself in the captured footage below.