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This Woman Started Taking Selfies With Her Catcallers To Make A Powerful Point About Harassment

Updated April 5, 2018 76.4k views22 items

Noa Jansma uses her Instagram account to make a statement about people who catcall her; this woman takes selfies with her catcallersm and the results are shocking. Launched on August 29th, the Dear catcallers project posts selfies of Jansma with her catcallers. She uses the caption to post what exactly the catcaller says or does, ranging from whistling, slowing down their cars, honking, and reciting sophisticated wordplay such as, I know what I would do with you, babyOver the course of 30 days, Jansma uploaded more than 20 Instagram posts about catcalling and the men who do it. In an interview, Jansma, a 20-year-year student from Eindhoven, Netherlands, explains the topic of catcallers came up in class. Her women classmates all knew of catcallers, while her male classmates disbelieved their existance. Jansma recalls, “They were really surprised and curious. Some of them even did not believe me.”


Jansma's innovative method of combating catcalling through Instagram is just one way women are standing up to sexism in everyday life. On a more high profile scale, women in the public eye such as musicians more openly discuss sexism they experience during their careers. Actresses routinely shut down sexist questions ("How do you balance your career and family?") in interviews, and freely talk about sexist auditions they endure in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, despite the testimonies of these women, sexism continues to not only be a problem, it continues to be shrugged aside the same way Jansma's male classmates shrugged off catcalling. As Jansma and her unintentional subjects prove, catcalling remains prevalent.