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Women Share The Dating Disasters That Made Them Leave Before The Night Was Over

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"Ladies of Reddit, what has actually made you get up and leave a date?" - u/SoniSoni67432

Over on Reddit, women are sharing the twisted tales of dates gones terribly wrong. From awful people who tried to tell them what to order to the shocking discovery of a second cousin, these are the stories of women who had to leave in the middle of their date. Vote up the dating disaster that would cause you to storm out as well. 

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    Splashed Booze Into His Date's Drink After He Was Told She Was Recovery

    From Redditor u/mysticpudding:

    This was a long time ago before I began dating my now husband. I was about a year into my recovery from alcoholism and went on a dinner date at a restaurant with a guy who I'd warned I was a recovering alcoholic and who had claimed to be supportive.

    When the waitress came he ordered a bottle of wine and a Manhattan. I ordered a tonic with a lime wedge. He told the waitress not to bring my drink because he ordered the wine for both of us. I told her "I don't drink, please bring what I ordered." He sat back and expelled air through his nose. I was turned off but figured maybe he forgot, so I politely reminded him.

    When the drinks came, he poured a splash of his Manhattan into my alcohol-free drink with a smirk and told me to "lighten up." I put $10 on the table, grabbed my coat and purse, and left while he begged me, "Don't do this to was a joke."

    He called me and left phone messages for a couple months, oscillating between groveling and angrily admonishing me for embarrassing him and/or breaking his heart

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      A Cautionary Tale

      From Redditor u/CHRGON_FEF_NYC:

      I got up to go to the bathroom mid-(first) drink on a first date in a casual bar I’m familiar with close to my apartment at the time. Date was fine, nor great, but not terrible. When I got back, he told me to “finish my drink and order us another round” while he went to the restroom. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but had a couple sips of my beer and motioned to the bartender to order another round.

      Bartender then gives me a glass of water and tells me I should leave. When I asked why, he said a girl nearby just approached him and told him she saw my date put something into my beer.

      I totally panicked. I handed him a $20 (which he didn’t want to take but I was so freaked out) and left. I barely remember anything after that. It was 3/4 of a beer at most.

      I blocked the guy the next day when I woke up to 17 missed calls and about 40 texts asking why I felt the need to leave when “we were totally vibing."

      LADIES: Watch your drinks on dates. Even when you are an older 20-something meeting for a “quick drink” after work, this can happen.

      Thank God someone was looking out for me that day

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        'Mother Likes Long Walks Too...'

        From Redditor u/Shot-Message-6030:

        He at age 20, brought his mother along...

        Okay story time...

        It went like this. We met online we’re chatting for a while set up a date at a restaurant we both had never been to but always wanted to try. About 45 minutes before the date, I got a call my brother lost his bus ticket and asked me to pick him up. I texted my date saying I was going to be five minutes late. He said no worries, I’ll grab a drink at the bar and wait for you.

        I turn up seven minutes late I see him at the bar chatting to a women in her 40s-50s. I thought he was just making conversation with the people around him until I got there.

        Whatever right? Wrong.

        It was his mother I got over to the bar he introduced us and this women proceeded to berate me for my lateness. I was like okay cool, can’t choose family.

        At this point I just assumed his mother dropped him off and was waiting in case I didn’t show up when I said I was running late, that we were gonna finish the drinks and and she would head off.

        We start walking to the table which is in the same direction as the door so I still wasn’t thinking she was joining us for the meal (cause who does that?!)

        We get to the table I see three plates. Three glasses. Three forks. Three knifes What. The. F**k.


        I simply said no and left.

        Him and his mother started relentlessly messaging me on Facebook after that.

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          He Said That 'Bubbly Women Aren't Smart'

          From Redditor u/TinyTessa22:

          Guy told me "bubbly women aren't smart" also at one point we were talking about schools and he made the comment that "they (colleges/ universities) shouldn't accept women, women don't need education." 

          I already had my MBA and owned my own businesses. His final comment that "You shouldn't eat that much, it doesn't look good" is when I threw in the towel and payed my bill.

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