Twitter Someone Asked Twitter To Name A Badder B*tch Than Taylor Swift, And It Came Back With Receipts  

Mick Jacobs
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Some brave user took a chance and asked Twitter to name a badder b*tch than Taylor Swift, apparently unaware of the legions of women out there known for much more than singing about rich ex-boyfriends. A quick look at warrior queens from history or even a quicker trip on your local MTA reveals to you all sorts of women much badder than Taylor Swift. Powerful women do so much more than write songs instigating beef between former friends and flings, no matter how catchy they are. If you actually took the time to call your mother or grandmother today like you keep meaning to do, they'll likely even spill an incredible story of their own that's much more impressive than any girl squad rumor.

That all being said, Taylor Swift has built a remarkable empire in the time she's spent in the spotlight, and that does deserve recognition. Taylor Swift definitely earns her title as an insanely popular artist with a remarkable ability to move albums, but if popular tunes and record sales are the hallmarks of a bad b*tch, then Nickelback is also a bad b*tch. Taylor Swift could most certainly be a bad b*tch, but don't fool yourself thinking she's the baddest.

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Watch The Queen Conquer


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