30 Weird And Personal Stories Of Women Getting The 'Ick' From Someone They Dated

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Most of the time, it's easy to tell when the person you're dating just doesn't click with you. However, there are moments in completely perfect relationships when your partner does something that feels off. Everything changes. This feeling is called getting the "ick." We found stories from r/AskWomen of people sharing the times they got the unexplainable ick' from their partner. Would these be a deal breaker for you? 

  • 1. Flirting With The Waitress

    Posted on Reddit by u/EdgeMiserable4381:

    Flirting with the waitress when we are eating out. Cringe for both us girls

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  • 2. Growling On A Date

    Posted on Reddit by u/Celebratefeminine:

    It was a blind date with the brother of a coworker. He kept growling at me like he thought that was sexy. Awkward when I had to go back to work and tell her I wasn’t interested in her brother.

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  • 3. Performing For Strangers

    Posted on Reddit by u/kyridwen:

    We could be out somewhere in public talking, just a normal conversation, and then if a stranger happened to come near us he would start TALKING LOUDER and trying to be funny. Like he was showing off because he wanted them to overhear and laugh. It was so awkward because it was always such a noticeable increase in volume, and sometimes a real swerve in the conversation to get to something he could be funny about. But it was completely ick, because at that point he was no longer talking to me, it's like I was the least important member of his audience. And also WHO DOES THAT?!

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  • 4. Replacing Tooth Paste With Coffee

    Posted on Reddit by u/ThePatriarchyIsTrash:

    He insisted coffee in the morning was a sufficient replacement for brushing his teeth. He'd only brush them before bed which meant his breath smelled like coffee sewer for the whole day. But god forbid you tell him his breath stank

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  • 5. Putting Ice In Milk

    Posted on Reddit by u/SatanicPanoramic:

    My current man - just putting ice in his milk.

    My ex - literally showered once every week until I taught him to shower more often, worse his clothes (yes including socks and underwear) for a week straight without washing them (even if they had skid marks), wore no socks with his shoes unless I made him, didn’t wash his face, NEVER brushed his teeth and didn’t wash his hair when he decided to bother showering.

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  • 6. Nail Clippings On The Mouse Pad

    Posted on Reddit by u/Nearby_Buyer_3334:

    He’d leave nail clippings on his mouse pad for days.

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