Graveyard Shift

10 Real Women Who Say They've Had Sex With Ghosts

You know what they say: once you have relations with a ghost, you love it the most. While it seems wild, spectrophilia - or physical attraction to ghosts - is real. And there's plenty of people in the world who believe they in fact have had gotten friendly with a ghost - including some famous celebrities. It's unclear why most kinky ghost stories happen to women, but the one thing that we're sure about is that these spooky tales are also very steamy.

Without any concrete data, it's hard to know whether there are a specific group of ghosts involved, or if all paranormal entities are roaming the earth in search of a human that they can hook up with while they sleep. Some of these spooky stories involving intimate relations with ghosts might creep you out, while some may titillate. Read on, and the stories may make you want to look into buying an Ouija board so you can meet your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Sian Jameson Has A Type - And That Type Is Ghosts

    Some gals have all the luck, and Sian Jameson definitely found the ghost of her dreams when she met "Robert." In an interview with the Daily Mail, this spectrophiliac gives such salacious details you can almost see the ectoplasm dripping off the page:

    He was very handsome, with beautiful hazel eyes and, as we made love, he stroked my body tenderly and I could feel the weight of him pressing down on me [...] His body felt incredibly light. The whole encounter lasted an hour and afterwards he whispered: 'That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced...' As we drifted off to sleep in one another's arms, a voice in my head kept asking: 'Is this really happening?'

    Unfortunately, Sian and Robert's relationship wasn't long for this world, as Robert earned his wings and left this mortal coil. Jameson explains:

    A couple of days after our first encounter, Robert arrived and said it would be our last night together. I never asked why. I sobbed when I woke and Robert was no longer in my bed. I guess I had been falling in love.

  • Amanda Teague Married Her Ghostly Soulmate

    Amanda Teague, an Irish native and Jack Sparrow impersonator, had a strange encounter one night in 2014. She says she was in bed when she was visited by Jack, the 300-year-old spirit of a Haitian pirate who was slain for his misdeeds. The two became closer and eventually decided to make their relationship official in January 2018.

    Teague hired a registrar and arranged for a boat to take her into international waters, where she and Jack were married. A medium served as the go-between for Jack.

  • Amethyst Realm Swore Off Living Men Forever

    This "spiritual guidance consultant" from Bristol says her intimate encounters with the deceased have turned her off living men forever, and she even went as far to break off an engagement after she got her first taste of the afterlife. Realm's first time with a ghost came after a few weeks of flirting when she went to bed:

    I [...] wore a sexy negligee and lay there in the darkness. [...] I felt a pressure all over my body as if a person was lying on top of me, but lighter and softer than a human. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I know how bizarre it sounds, but it felt real. It was different to having [relations] with a man and afterwards I slept better than I had done in years. When I woke up, I knew it hadn't been a dream. I didn't feel at all guilty about cheating because the whole thing felt so natural.

  • This Divorcee Finally Meets The Man Of Her Dreams

    Everyone deserves to be happy. Especially divorcees who are living alone after deciding to give up on men. Ann Elizabeth describes her sexy encounter with a ghost hunk straight from the pages of a paperback romance:

    Lying in bed I wondered if I could summon a ghost to have [intercourse] with me. Closing my eyes, I envisioned a strong handsome man with big shoulders. I kept my eyes closed throughout because I was worried I might scare him or ruin the moment if I opened them. Afterwards, I thanked the ghost and asked him to leave, which he dutifully did. I jumped out of bed with flushed cheeks and glowing skin and went about my day.