22 Awesome Ladies Who Perfectly Embody Their Pokemon Cosplays

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Get ready to check out the humanized versions of your all-time favorite Pokémon, this time beautifully brought to life in the 3D realm by totally gorgeous women. And not just any women, women who embody Pokémon in the best cosplays possible. On this list, you'll find the absolute best female Pokémon cosplayers, so vote up the gals who totally grab the franchise by the reins and make it their own.

With a whopping total of 802 Pokémon out there (excluding the Mega Evolutions and Alola Forms) these girls truly narrowed it down to pick the most gorgeous ones to completely humanize. The cosplay term for this humanization is also the Japanese word for "humanoid" - gijinka! Keep scrolling to check out all the awesome gijinka Pokémon cosplay these ladies creatively display in the best way possible!

Photo: DeviantArt / DeviantArt / DeviantArt