A Study Suggests Women Are More Likely To Survive Apocalyptic Hell

With all the threats in today's world, you better keep women close – not because they need protecting, but because they are the only ones who are getting you out alive. New research in 2018 has shown that women are more likely to survive a life-threatening crisis than men, which is news to literally no one who's ever actually been a woman.

Anyone who's ever witnessed the beloved fairer sex suffer through a dreaded "man cold" knows that women are stronger than men. Reese Witherspoon said it best at the Glamour Women of Year Awards when she proclaimed, "Do you know any woman in any crisis situation who has absolutely no idea what to do? I mean, don't they tell people in crisis, even children, 'If you're in trouble, talk to a woman?'" Now, science backs it up. Around the world, female life expectancy squashes that of their male counterparts, but the reason why women live longer might just surprise you.

Females have a number of survival advantages. As a sex that's been notoriously ridiculed for being weaker and more fragile, it turns out that the very fabric of their being is inherently stronger from birth. Women who survive don't just win out in the best-case scenario; they win across the board. From disease to famine to slavery to simply putting up with trolls on the internet, women are natural-born survivors who thrive in the bleakest circumstances - again, tell us something history hasn't.

So, before you ridicule a woman for sitting around and enjoying the stereotypically masculine pleasures of sipping on a glass of aged whiskey with a good Netflix true crime documentary, for enjoying the shallow beast that is a Real Housewives of Orange County marathon, or for simply voicing her grievances at a celebrity's hyper-aggressive sexual behavior, know that she could probably kick your butt.