15 Women Reveal Red Flags To Look Out For When Visiting Your Partner's Place For The First Time

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Women: vote up the red flags that would have you heading home early.

Everyone knows there are plenty of dating red flags to watch for in a person, but what about where they live? The look of someone's place can tell you a lot about them, but it helps to know where to look. These women are sharing apartment red flags so you know what to look out for when visiting their place for the first time. Read on and vote up the biggest red flags!

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    Their Towels And Sheets Are Smelly

    From Redditor u/periperichipstogo:

    Unwashed sheets and towels.

    I know a guy who believed (I hope it’s not still true) towels are clean because he uses them after the shower when he is clean. So he didn’t wash them. They smelled.

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    They Have A Bacteria-Ridden Kitchen

    From Redditor u/Obsolescencee:

    Dated a dude who used to brag that he was "red seal chef quality" but just "never took the final exam" to get his certification.

    He used to leave a pile of dish rags in the bottom of his sink under the dishes. He didnt really touch them, just left them there. Eventually I was like "bro deal with those f*cking rags, they're disgusting" (white rags coloured brown) and he said "nah they're fine they're clean because the water runs over them".

    Buddy didnt know what bacteria was, I SWEAR.

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    There's A Funk Around The Trash Can Or Water Damaged Cabinets

    From Redditor u/Due-Paleontologist69:

    If there's a funk around the trash can, like spilled liquids and crumb build up. Or collapsed cabinet bottoms under sinks from water damage.

    Shows you don’t care to take care of things that no one looks at, that you cut corners, and that you will let little problems snowball until they are gigantic. Also, that’ll cause bugs!

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    They Have Very Awkward Photos On Their Walls

    From Redditor u/Geeseinfection:

    Don’t hang framed pictures of you kissing your mom on the lips. I’m still skeeved about that one.

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    Their Entire Place Is A Single Color

    From Redditor u/Aztecprincess94:

    This reminds me of when I dated a guy who I’ll call ‘Mr Brown.’ He usually wore brown trousers and trainers which were bad enough, but one day I went to his place and his room was brown everywhere and he had no decorations, ornaments or framed photos (he had kids from a previous relationship but they didn’t live with him). He had brown carpet, curtains, bed covers and closets. He also told me not to look in his closet which was really weird.

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    They Have Lots Of Alcohol But No Food

    From Redditor u/hannahsapeach:

    A huge red flag is having your fridge full of alcohol with little to no food inside.

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