15 Women Reveal The Christmas Gifts They Actually Want From Their Partner

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Women: vote up the gifts you'd love to see under the tree this year.

Are you confident that you know what women want for Christmas? If you need some help, these Redditors have revealed exactly what they're hoping to unwrap this year. These are the best gifts for women, according to women! If you're looking for ideas for men, or how to give better gifts in general, you can check out those lists as well!

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    A Nice Vacation

    From Redditor u/corvidae_mantra:

    A vacation. I haven’t had one since 2006.

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    A Spa Day Without The Kids

    From Redditor u/MagikMirror:

    Mini-break in a nice hotel without the kids, spa voucher, decent makeup.

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    Any Thoughtful Surprise

    From Redditor u/SilentGoddess99:

    Anything that I didn't have to pick out myself and have my partner pay for. A thoughtful surprise just once would be lovely.

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    A Real Date

    From a former Redditor:

    A date.

    My partner and I haven't been on a real date (like dinner and a movie, actually made plans and dressed nice) in six years. Now we have a baby and I've forgotten what its like to have a romantic evening with him.

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    A Sentimental Piece Of Jewelry

    From Redditor u/lilylady:

    I would like a sentimental piece of jewelry, maybe a pendant with ruby for our kid's birthstone. Nothing super expensive. Just something sweet and simple. It would also be nice to have some family pictures printed/framed/hung in our new house. I can never seem to find the time these days and it would be a nice thing we could enjoy together.

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    A Housecleaning Service

    From Redditor u/deceptivereflections:

    Paying for a weekly housecleaner for a few months.

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