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Women Describe The Subtly Annoying Things Their Male Coworkers Do To Them

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Let's face it: sexism in the workplace continues to be all too commonplace. When women describe annoying things men do at work, the list still runs the entire gamut of dumb, dumber, and beyond. Like when a male co-worker asks a woman back from maternity leave, "How was your vacation?" Or men talking excessively about how their female co-workers look in certain outfits. 

The ways men bother women at work may have gotten more subtle than the *ss-grabbing days of Mad Men, but that doesn't mean it has gotten any less annoying or damaging. From demeaning expectations of women to intolerance or apathy, some men just don't understand or care how sexist their behavior can be. Women of the workforce, check out the tales of loutish office behavior below and vote up the most irritating things that men do. 

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    When Men Say, "You Don't Count As A Woman"

    From Redditor ladyintheatre

    "I had a coworker tell me that I didn't count as a woman and wasn't qualified to give a woman's perspective because I 'wasn't like other girls.'

    ... He literally told me I didn't count as a woman. Who knew men got to decide even that? I've got 30 years of experience on this earth as a woman and silly me, I thought that counted..."

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    When Men Say, "Just Leave It To The Men-Folk"

    From Redditor f*ck_pavlov

    "As a new hire at a district meeting, I was told by a male peer to 'just leave it to the men-folk!' It made for an interesting introduction."

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    When Men Enforce A One-Sided Dress Code

    From Redditor bubbles0luv:

    "I was the first and only girl hire at a small start-up for a while and took a cue from my coworkers and generally wore jeans and a tee everyday, unless I had a client meeting or something like that. My bosses called me in at one point and said I needed to dress more "appropriately." I was the only one asked to do this."

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    When Men Tell You To Just Find A Husband

    From Redditor ali__cat:

    "One guy asked me and the other female co-workers why we spent our time working in [the] lab when we could be going out to the bar and finding husbands."

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