Women Describe The Subtly Annoying Things Their Male Coworkers Do To Them

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Women only: vote up the most annoying things that males do in the workplace.

Let's face it: sexism in the workplace continues to be all too commonplace. When women describe annoying things men do at work, the list still runs the entire gamut of dumb, dumber, and beyond. Like when a male co-worker asks a woman back from maternity leave, "How was your vacation?" Or men talking excessively about how their female co-workers look in certain outfits. 

The ways men bother women at work may have gotten more subtle than the *ss-grabbing days of Mad Men, but that doesn't mean it has gotten any less annoying or damaging. From demeaning expectations of women to intolerance or apathy, some men just don't understand or care how sexist their behavior can be. Women of the workforce, check out the tales of loutish office behavior below and vote up the most irritating things that men do.