Women Are Sharing The Sweetest Things Their Partners Still Do For Them And We Can Feel The Love

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It's not uncommon for stories of unhealthy couples and toxic behaviors to go viral on Twitter. So, as a positive change of pace, Twitter user, @___inCANdescent, tweeted out the request: "We’ve had enough stories of women dealing with bottom tier men. Let’s hear princess treatment stories only." And the flood of romantic replies and lovey-dovey anecdotes came pouring in. We've selected just a few of our favorites from the lovefest. Vote on the ones that make your heart melt too.

  • 1. Planning Every Element Of Her Birthday


  • 2. Breakfast In Bed, Flowers, And A Handwritten Note Every Saturday


  • 3. Daily Reassurance And Door-Holding


  • 4. Hand-Selected Perfumes With Handwritten Notes About His Love


  • 5. Pays For Her Massage Subscription


  • 6. A Handwritten Book Of Reasons He Is In Love