More Women Than Ever Are Choosing To Shave Their Face

While women shaving their legs or under their arms is far from breaking news, a new trend has cropped up that have women shaving their face regularly in unprecedented numbers. If you're not yet acquainted with the trend, the news of its existence may send a number of questions through your mind. Have women shaved their faces before in the history of shaving? Why do so many women choose to do such a thing? Does shaving your face as a woman have any weird side effects? Fear not, for you've come to the right place to get the scoop, have your questions answered, and arm yourself with the knowledge to help you decide if shaving your face is for you.

So before you bust out your Venus, check out the facts and weigh the pros and cons of female facial shaving. Hopefully, a thorough look at all sides of the trend will help you decide whether or not it's something you want to test drive for yourself.

  • Why Shaving Isn't Just For Guys Anymore

    Why Shaving Isn't Just For Guys Anymore
    Photo: Channon Rose / YouTube

    When it comes to our legs, underarms, and bikini lines, most women are no strangers to the art of shaving. A new trend has recently appeared that’s got women shaving in a place many of us dared never shave before - our faces. More and more videos are cropping up on YouTube as female beauty bloggers begin to venture into shaving territories that were previously thought unchartered. If this is news to you, the question on your mind may be something to the effect of, “why though?” 

    Well, the answer isn’t always a simple one, as it varies between women facial shavers. A large number seem to be turning to the method as a new way to deal with unwanted facial hair. While there are other methods of dealing with the problem, waxing and chemical hair removal products can not only be harsh on the skin but can occasionally result in breakouts or irritation. While bleach seems like a handy alternative, depending on the length of the hair in question, some women find that it only ends up drawing more attention to unwanted hair.

    So what’s a woman looking to get rid of a little peach fuzz to do? Recently some have started using small razors to get rid of unwanted facial hair in seconds. As it turns out, many have claimed unexpected benefits, such as smoother skin, extra exfoliation, and a face so silky that makeup goes on smoother than ever. Due to the promise of such rewards, other women who don’t even struggle with unwanted facial hair have been following suit and busting out razors of their own. 

  • What Causes Female Facial Hair Anyway?

    What Causes Female Facial Hair Anyway?
    Photo: thisislittlebear / Instagram

    If you struggle with unwanted facial hair one of the biggest questions you probably have is "Why is this hair on my face?" One of the most common reasons goes back to hormones (as so many problems do). While all women have hair on our faces, the appearance of dark or course facial hair may be related to male hormones, called androgens, in the body. The most common of these is testosterone, which all women actually produce, but a higher than average amount in the body may result in pesky facial hair that crops up from time to time.

    Other factors that have been linked to female facial hair include a hormone imbalance related to a fairly common condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), factors related to menopause or pre-menopause, medication, congenital adrenal, rare hormone disorders such as Cushing’s Syndrome or Acromegaly, being overweight or obese, and ovarian tumors. 

    As scary as some of these sound however, always check with your doctor if you suspect something may be horribly amiss or if you start to develop a large amount of unwanted facial hair suddenly. After all, nothing is scarier than a Google search self-diagnosis.

  • Even Some Celebrities Are On Board

    Even Some Celebrities Are On Board
    Photo: MichelleMoney / Instagram

    The facial shaving trend has actually been backed by a surprising number of celebs such as The Bachelor’s Michelle Money, who has even put out a few YouTube video tutorials in order to instruct women everywhere in the art female face shaving. Miss Money is not alone however, as celebrity facialist Kate Somerville not only admits to have started shaving her face in her 20s, but says that the facial shave was also used by stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. The women are also joined by Hudda Kattan, who also put out a YouTube face shaving tutorial and swears by the method herself.

  • How Is It Done?

    How Is It Done?
    Photo: Michelle Money / YouTube

    So, how would an interested woman go about getting on the trend? It seems there are a variety of ways from busting out your boyfriend’s Mach 3 to purchasing a smaller blade, which seems to be the preference of most women. Popular razors for the job include The Tinkle as well as the Touch N Brow, both of which are single-edge, single-blade sloped razors that are designed for use on the face.

    When used once to twice a week, the razors can remove unwanted hair from areas such as your upper lip, jawline, forehead, and even under your chin. While some women prefer the dry shave, others suggest wetting your face first or even applying shaving cream or oils. The important thing is that you’re careful to use gentle strokes at a 45 degree angle and avoid dragging the razor across your face in any way that would risk cutting yourself. Also, keep in mind that your skin may be sensitive immediately after shaving and let it breathe for an hour or so before following up with foundation or moisturizer.