Female Teachers Tell Cringeworthy Stories Of Students Who Had Obvious Crushes

Being a teacher comes with many hurdles, the least of which includes the students who crush on teachers. Obviously, teachers understand they deal with a portion of the population that still has much to learn about itself, what's appropriate, and the nature of boundaries. When it comes to students with crushes on women teachers, they have little to no grasp on any of the above concepts, leading to many an uncomfortable or downright inappropriate situation. Perhaps they get the wrong idea from the hottest fictional teachers, and somehow their schoolboy crush will lead their teacher into getting with them. Chances are, if your teacher decides to reciprocate those feelings, she doesn't deserve you: she deserves the clink.

Thankfully, as these Reddit users revealed to the Internet, when students crush on female teachers, most teachers admirably rebuke it. Sometimes the students' crushes end up rather sweet and others innocent, but many also cross the line of not only what is appropriate but also what is morally right. When it comes down to it, women teachers deal with much more than just roll-call and grading papers. 

  • Pardon Her French

    From francophilia:

    "French teacher here. Teenagers are just constantly inappropriate and need very little encouragement - I got asked to prom, had boys tell other teachers that they thought I was hot, had a parent accusingly tell me that she now understood why her son loved French, which I took to mean that my innovative skill set had inspired him...

    I didn't mind though. It meant that I had a class with 12 previously disengaged 16 -year-old boys come back for extra homework and revision classes every lunch time and after school, and every one of those bags of hormones passed."

  • She's Turned Down Dozens Of 'Proposals'

    From TheUglyBarnacle42:

    "My sister who is a teacher has turned down dozens of proposals from six-year-olds."

  • Any Questions?

    From NorthernSparrow:

    "I'm not really attractive at all, and didn't notice a thing till I asked (in a college lab) 'Are there any questions?' and this one guy (older student, about my age) raised his hand and said in front of the whole class 'Yeah, will you go out with me?' 

    So that was kind of a clue."

  • Oh, The Joys Of Seventh Grade

    From milk_bone:

    "I teach seventh grade so... I had a boy come back from the book fair with a freshly purchased set of bouncy balls. He proudly held them out and asked if I wanted to touch his balls.

    Another time I had a seventh grade boy get down on one knee and ask me to the Valentine's dance while handing me a note. He had taped a nestle crunch bar to the note. I told him I'd be there as a chaperone and he said 'Close enough!' So it worked out for everyone."

  • Just When You'd Forgotten About Textbook Drawings

    From zieKen1:

    "My cousin is a very pretty lady and teaches seventh grade reading. A lot of students were harassing her on Facebook and trying to add her, so she just made one under a fake name. Still gets to communicate with family and stuff, and no more harassment!

    Funny story though. She has fake boobs and she's fairly small-framed, so she would find pics drawn by her students of her with giant melon boobs in the back of textbooks with dirty things like 'I want to t*ttyf*ck Mrs. S.'"

  • One Was Creepy, Another Chivalrous

    From pickleaday:

    "A Year 10 boy got suspended for taking and sending Snapchat photos of my a** whenever I was helping a student in front of him.

    It was another boy who showed me who said he wasn't happy with me being disrespected which was nice!"