18 Famous Women Who Called Out Magazines And Media For Retouching Their Bodies

The worlds of movies, television, and music are home to some of the most beautiful women in the world but, unfortunately, these women are being retouched and photoshopped in what has fast become a new standard operating procedure in modern media. Gone are the natural looks to which we can all relate, and in their place is a new set of unattainable beauty standards. Luckily, not every celebrity is taking the issue lightly, and many famous women have spoken out about retouching and its effects.

Photoshop has created an even bigger gulf between celebrity culture and everyday people. It may seem innocent on the surface - a little retouch here, a smoothing-out there - but it can send the wrong message about what true beauty really is. So here's to those singers and actresses who called out magazines for Photoshop use. It's so important toward normalizing realistic standards and perpetuating the real meaning of beauty. Check out the thoughts of a few famous women who were none too happy to see themselves retouched in the media.