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10 Girls Who Weirdly Look Exactly Like Male Celebrities

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Maybe it's time people took a moment to look at themselves in the mirror - not because they need to reflect on their lives or ridicule themselves, but rather because it's entirely possible they look like a celebrity of the opposite gender. Compiled here are some mind-blowing photos of girls who look like male celebrities. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Females who look like male celebrities.

This is the father of the mother of all photo galleries of celebrity lookalikes. Are the women who look like the male celebrities related to them? Why is there such an uncanny resemblance? No one really knows. Either way, the similarities these women bear to male celebrities are quite jaw-dropping. Check them out below and vote up the women who most oddly take after male celebrities.

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    Taylor Lautner

    Photo: Pinterest
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Photo: Reddit / Flickr
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    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
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    Oliver Platt

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