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Graveyard Shift
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11 Women Who Survived Murder Attempts

Updated 29 Jun 2020 345.7k views11 items

Tragically, many women abducted and held captive by murderers are unable to escape their attackers, resulting in their horrifying and senseless deaths. However, some very courageous and lucky women and girls were brave and fortunate enough to survive their close encounters with sadistic murderers and serial killers. And not just any killers - some of the scariest serial killers in history, like the Grim Sleeper, the Yorkshire Ripper, Ted Bundy, and Robert Hansen, to name just a few.

Whether it's due to good fortune, remarkable intelligence, or unending determination - or some combination of the three - these women who survived unsurvivable killer scenarios became real-life heroines after their close brushes with death. While these women who avoided being murdered were undoubtedly left with physical, emotional, and psychological scars, they came away from their shockingly scary experiences with some incredible stories of survival. These women are true survivors - some of whom went on to help other women with their experiences.

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