Why Women Who Are Only Friends With Guys Are The Worst

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Male-female friendships are a tricky subject with tons of gray area. When a woman declares she is only going to be friends with guys, it only helps to blur the lines further. Whether her reasoning is that women attract too much drama, or are too emotional, she's ended up one of the worst kinds of people. Here are a few more reasons women who say they are only friends with guys are the absolute worst.
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    They try to monopolize all of their guyfriends' time.

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    They think all women are out to get them.

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    They complain about not having girlfriends, but make no effort to befriend any.

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    They don't claim any recollection of ever leading a guyfriend on.

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    They love to tell you how gross and intolerable guys are, yet continue to hang out with them exclusively.

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    They think only being friends with guys makes them superior to women who befriend all genders.

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