Women Reveal What They Wish Their Fathers Did As They Were Growing Up

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Daughters only: vote up the things you wish your dad did as you were growing up.

A girl’s relationship with her father can hold unprecedented influence over her life, especially as she makes the treacherous yet exciting transition from girlhood into adulthood. While many fathers are loving, encouraging, considerate, and would do anything for their children, others may practice behaviors that are discouraging, confusing, or even harmful. A dad's behavior prepares his daughter for how she should interact with other men in her life, often impacting her personal and social growth, even into adulthood.

Reddit has weighed in on this sensitive issue, providing a mostly anonymous place where daughters describe things they wish their fathers had done for them. Some daughters' desires are simple, such as one who wishes that her father had taught her more basic life skills, while others are more complex, such as the woman who expressed resentment that her father regularly wrote off her emotions. These stories provide insight not only into what daughters want from their fathers, but also into patterns of paternal behavior that can potentially affect children for their entire lives. 

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