13 Easter Eggs In 'Wonder Woman 1984' You May Have Missed

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In a year with virtually no blockbuster films, Wonder Woman 1984 swooped in at the last minute to give us a bona fide hit steeped in the series' potent blend of superhero action and pseudo-Greek mythology. The movie flies by like a retro wave fever dream, and there are likely several of Wonder Woman 1984 Easter eggs that slipped past unnoticed.

Like most DC movies, Wonder Woman 1984 contains many small nods to its comic past. From background corporations like Stagg Enterprises to the main villains, Wonder Woman 1984 pulls much of its source material from the extended DC comic universe. But since this movie is set in the 1980s, there are also many allusions to American cultural touchstones from that time period, including the clothes, the stores, and the music.

So without waiting another moment longer, let's grab our neon-colored fanny packs and fill them up with a few of the more obscure references and Easter eggs from Wonder Woman 1984 you may have missed amidst the battles between screaming cat women and golden armor angels. Vote up the most fascinating details you missed on your first watch.