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Wonder Woman's Costumes From The Comics, Ranked By Practicality

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Vote up the most sensible costumes for Wonder Woman, given her superhero profession.

When talking about the 75+ years of history behind Wonder Woman, it's impossible not to talk about the drastic changes to her costume over that period. Diana Prince holds the title for the most recognizable female hero ever created for that very reason. The unique elements of her appearance, from her bracelets/bracers to the Lasso of Truth, make her immediately recognizable 99% of the time. These iconic pieces of our cultural zeitgeist have been tweaked and revamped over Diana's lifespan, and not always for the better.

Some artists choose to outright remove key elements of Wonder Woman's visual identity for the sake of breathing life into a character people might feel has become stale. Others opt to include feminist symbols in Wonder Woman's costume to empower her as a heroine. Check out 14 unique Wonder Woman costumes and vote up the ones that actually make sense for a superhero.