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15 Interesting ‘Wonder Woman’ Fan Theories That Actually Make A Pretty Good Point

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Wonder Woman is a character with a long, storied past. Apart from being written about in DC's comics alongside Batman, Superman, and more, she has been portrayed by a variety of people on the big screen - most recently, by Gal Gadot.

Her first feature as the strong, intelligent Diana was in the 2017 film Wonder Woman. Since then, there's been a sequel. However, that doesn't stop people from posing their thoughts about the first film online. Here are some of our favorite wild and interesting fan theories about the movie.

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    Diana Can Control The Air

    From Redditor u/EquivalentInflation:

    DCEU: What Wonder Woman's REAL power is

    Watching the first Wonder Woman, then Justice League, then WW84, it was clear that there was something weird going on with Diana's powers. She was super-humanly strong, fast, and essentially invulnerable, with incredibly enhanced reflexes, but also could deflect bullets, and swing on her lasso in ways that completely defied the laws of physics. [She's] able to move around at incredible speeds, as well as hitting [people] in ways that should turn the human body into a fine mist. She even drops them all out a window hard enough to [smush] a car and they're all fine. Her super speed also functions... strangely. Unlike the Flash, who can be seen running while the world is in slo-mo around him, Diana just... moves. She's in one spot, then *whoosh* and she's in another. We don't see her legs moving, or arms pumping, she just appears.

    So, what is Diana's true power? One that fits with her being the daughter of Zeus?

    Diana can control the air.

    Likely, she's doing it completely instinctively, in the same way that someone might throw up their hands when something is thrown at them, without even thinking. We know that Hippolyta lied to her about the nature of her powers, but still tried to train her.

    Her super strength? Just collecting the air to be extremely resistant. By gathering scattered molecules together, she's able to hit with incredible force.

    That's also how she avoids harming people too badly, she can essentially use the air to cushion the regular, squishy humans, as well as cutting off their air supply temporarily to knock them out without brain damage.

    It's also how she can move so fast, the air is essentially pushing her[.]

    Controlling air is also how she manages to avoid any physical harm. She can (hypothetically) be harmed by bullets, yet can take direct explosions, or [go] through brick walls without ever being harmed. She does that by forming a shield of concentrated air in front of herself, a shield that can be blasted out by crossing her gauntlets...

    The only time she slow-mos isn't for super-speed, it's to deflect bullets, which she's able to do through-- you guessed it-- controlling the air. She can tell exactly where the bullets are, what angle they're coming in at, and what speed, then use that to know which to deflect and which to ignore.

    That's also what gives her the ability to do her... lasso tricks, swinging on it in ways that defy gravity and physics: the air guides the lasso to hit her target perfectly...

    Finally, controlling the air was straight up explained to be the way she learned to fly.

    Obviously, it's hard to imagine air doing that. But for some visualization, look at a military grade hovercraft, that can carry thousands of pounds on a cushion of air. Or, look at what happens when a metal scuba tank is filled with too much air. Concentrated air is incredibly powerful, and being the daughter of Zeus, she'd have complete control of it.

    This explains why Diana was noticeably stronger and faster than any other Amazon, even at a young age... Since she was the child of a god, she gained the powers of one as well...

    TL;DR: Diana gained the power to control air from her father, Zeus. Any abilities she uses during the movies are just her using that power.

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    Ares Took The Other Gods' Powers

    From Redditor u/Abunchofliberalcucks:

    (Wonder Woman) Ares took the powers of each Greek god he k*lled

    So I’ve had this theory since first watching Wonder Woman (2017) about Ares, the god of w*r. In the film, he demonstrates several abilities that seem beyond what Ares would be capable of. Typically, Ares in the comics mostly controls/summons [arms]. He has other powers, but they aren’t what he uses in the film. In the movie he has:

    Lightning and shape-shifting powers. Both of these are trademarks of the Greek god Zeus. He is the god of the skies, lighting, and the other gods. Besides wielding lightning, Zeus regularly shape-shifts into other forms (animals, humans, etc.) in order to seduce women and fool mortals. Ares demonstrates the use of both lightning and shape-shifting (i.e. looking like Sir Patrick instead of his Justice League appearance) throughout the movie.

    Ares seems to have telekinesis in the movie, much like one of the many wind gods in Greek mythology.

    Ares manipulates the minds of generals and Dr. Maru in the film, an ability very similar to the Greek goddess Eris, of chaos.

    The way that Ares shows Wonder Woman a false world of peace when she lassos him is similar to what the Greek god of dreams, Morpheus, could do.

    This leaves the exciting possibility of a return for Ares in future Wonder Woman films! If he has the powers of Hades, no d*ath can stop him.

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    Sir Patrick Is Not Ares, But Actually Zeus

    From Redditor u/MysteriousHobo2:

    Wonder Woman, Theory about "Ares"

    So are we positive that the Sir Patrick dude was Ares? I don't recall him saying he was the God of W*r or Ares. And he was throwing around an awful lot of lightning. And he knew Diana's true nature, even though Ares had never met her before and she was created after Ares was banished and she never left Themyscira before.

    My personal theory is that Sir Patrick was Zeus. Zeus is not a good guy in Greek mythology, lightning is his trademark [tool], he knows about Diana's true nature - after all, he is the one that told us she was a daughter of Zeus - and Sir Patrick never identified himself as Ares (to my knowledge). Diana mistakenly assumed he was Ares, she even called him brother.

    Our information about Zeus comes from an old story that not even Hippolyta believed, what if he didn't [perish]? What if Zeus got sick and tired of his creations and wanted to start over?

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    'Wonder Woman's Events Changed The Course Of History

    From Redditor u/TheUtilitaria:

    [DCEU] Wonder Woman is the start of an alternate history

    So, history diverges when the god Ares places the idea for some new chemical processes in the mind of Doctor Maru, who manages to draw Ludendorff away from the front lines and set up a factory in Ottoman Turkey to produce her gas. In real history, it's near the end of the Hundred Days offensive and although they haven't yet been beaten back past their original borders the German Empire is decisively losing.

    Ludendorff is convinced by Doctor Maru to pursue the project further, and shortly afterwards she gasses him with one of her experimental compounds, giving him increased strength. Now, in real history General Ludendorff was suffering from a near mental breakdown [and] always was a militarist nationalist, but I suspect there was something in the gas that really pushed him over the edge and into psychosis because he does something that is very out of character for the real Ludendorff and gasses the entire German high command before dying at Wonder Woman's hand. I don't believe any of Ludendorff's actions before his gas exposure were that out of character for the historical figure - he was desperate to continue [WWI] by any means and only agreed to an armistice at the very end... If he hadn't been given false hope by Doctor Maru and then exposed to her gas, he would have eventually gone along with the surrender.

    From what I can remember of the movie, the man who stands up to accuse Ludendorff in the army bunker looks very like Hindenburg, who was Ludendorff's friend and equal in the German high command.

    So, Wonder Woman ends with Ludendorff dead after a psychotic rampage and Hindenburg and the rest of the high command dead by gassing. Both of these figures were hugely influential in the later decades - Hindenburg handed over power to the N*zis and Ludendorff marched alongside H*tler in the Beer Hall putsch. In the DCEU, it seems likely that the 20th century after 1918 was bent badly out of shape - perhaps the Weimar Republic lasted longer without any leading nationalists left to oppose it and maybe the N*zis never rose to power at all without Ludendorff helping them along.

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