18 Wonder Woman Flexes That Show Us Why She's The Boss Of The DCEU

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When it comes to powerhouses in the DCEU, only Superman can hold a candle to Wonder Woman. With three films under her belt and a highly anticipated sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 that keeps getting pushed back, Gal Gadot's Diana Prince continues to be a bright spot in the superhero film canon, serving as an inspiration to women and men across the globe; usually through the form of effortless flexes.

Wonder Woman's biggest flexes include some of her feats of strength, but also her ferocious compassion towards the world of man.

Take a look and vote up the flexes that remind you why Wonder Woman has been an inspiration for the last 75 years.


  • 1. Drawing Fire In No Man's Land

    158 votes
  • 2. Her Big Screen Premiere In 'Batman V. Superman'

    131 votes
  • 3. Making Her Mission In Man's World Clear

    138 votes
  • 4. When She Smiles While Fighting Doomsday

    138 votes
  • 5. When Diana Takes Out A Sniper

    114 votes
  • 6. When She Meets Bruce Wayne In 'Batman V. Superman'

    125 votes