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Facts About Woolly Mammoths That Might Explain Why They Became Extinct

Updated 1 Jun 2020 • 3:17pm PDT 104.2k views11 items

Out of all of the prehistoric animals that have roamed the planet, the woolly mammoth is perhaps one of the most endearing. This is largely because woolly mammoths are incredibly similar to modern elephants, and they went extinct only a few thousand years ago - meaning that they coexisted with modern humans. They also lived during the Ice Age, a period that seems alien to modern people because it was so different from the conditions we live in.

Thanks to the huge amount of study that surrounds these creatures, plenty of interesting woolly mammoth facts have been discovered in the last few decades. This information helps explain what happened to the woolly mammoth, how it lived, and the evolutionary adaptations it developed to live in harsh environments.

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