Words That Sound Dirty But Aren't

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Vote up the raunchy sounding words that make you chuckle the most.
Dirty talk challenge: list words that sound naughty, but are just English words. No censorship here, and you might even pick up some Scrabble words along the way -- or at least a list of words to feed your dirty mind.

  • Jaculate
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    Are you really at all surprise at what the actual definition is?

    Real Definition: to throw or hurl (a dart, javelin, etc.).
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  • 2
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  • Uranus
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    If you don't know what this word means I cannot do anything for you. You should have paid attention in school.
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  • Balzac
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    This one is my #1 simply because it is the actual name of a person. I've heard of hancock, but this one is worse.

    Real Definition: French writer and a founder of the realist school of fiction who portrayed the panorama of French society in a body of works known collectively as La Comédie Humaine.

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  • Titmouse
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    Use this one in a sentence, it's neither a tit nor a mouse.

    Real Definition: any of numerous, widely distributed, small songbirds of the family Paridae, esp. of the genus Parus, having soft, thick plumage and a short, stout, conical bill
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  • Bangkok
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    Funny, Funny word. Just say it out loud.

    Real Definition: a seaport in and the capital of Thailand, in the S central part, on the Chao Phraya. 4,000,000.
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