15 People Reveal The Bad Parts Of Working From Home To Prepare You For The Worst

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People who work from home: vote up the harshest realities you had to face.

In these changing times, it might have occurred to you to start working from home. Sure, there are a lot of benefits, but there are also plenty of drawbacks. These people are sharing the realities of working from home to prepare you for the switch. Read through and vote up the worst part about working from home.

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    'Work From Home' Can Become 'Live At Work'

    From Redditor u/TanLimes:

    Work From Home can easily become Live at Work.

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    Sitting All Day Can Mess Up Your Core

    From Redditor u/SugarReyPalpatine:

    Sitting all day has absolutely ruined my core. Without needing to constantly get up and walk over to talk to someone or any of the other million little things I walked around at the office for, my body has slowly wasted away without my notice.

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    It Can Be Hard To Focus

    From Redditor u/Luke5119:

    [I]f you're someone who has a different "head space" at home vs. at work, it can be extremely difficult working from home. Some people can literally work from home and "dial in," if you will, to the same level of attention or better than in an office setting. Others (like myself) have difficulty focusing on work at home. Even when I know I have work to do, when I'm at home, that part of my brain just shuts off and I have a very hard time staying focused.

    My fiance would often mock me, but I would dress as if I were going to the office even when at home. Something about the routine of it, putting myself in the position as if I were physically "at work," put me in the right head space to focus better on my work.

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    You Miss Out On A Lot Of Accidental Exercise

    From Redditor u/A_name_wot_i_made_up:

    I'm missing out on a lot of "accidental" exercises. I used to walk to the train station, then from the station at the far end to the office. Have a wander around at lunch.

    Now, I walk from my bed to the shower, and from the shower to my office/man cave. If I had a Fitbit, it may get as high as 50 steps by lunch.

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    You Can Accidentally Become A Shut-In

    From Redditor u/PREClOUS_R0Y:

    My wife works from home and it seems like a very sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes, she doesn't even have to get dressed.

    I don't know, it just seems like if you're already anxious or depressed, you can accidentally become a shut-in.

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    People Will Probably Assume You Have The Day Off

    From Redditor u/SuperstitiousPigeon5:

    When you work from home people assume you have the day off. "Can you do..."

    No, I'm working. Just because I'm here working on the computer doesn't mean I can do your thing. 

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