The Real Meaning Behind 20 Annoying Phrases Job Seekers Deal With

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Few things in life can be so fraught with irritations and indignities quite like seeking work. Whether it's a part-time job for college, a first “real” job, or trying to switch careers, there's going to be a veritable avalanche of bullsh*t to contend with. As much as interviews can be a real bugbear, getting to that stage in the first place is a whole other level of aggravation. 

Job adverts are filled with phrases that range from the nonsensical (really, what exactly do they mean by a “ROCK STAR”?!) to the sneakily malicious ("competitive salary" - really?), this collection looks at what those incredibly annoying clichés really mean.

  • 'Work In A Fast-Paced Environment'
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    'Work In A Fast-Paced Environment'

    Really means: You'll effectively be doing the work of three people. 

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  • 'You’ll Wear Many Hats'
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    'You’ll Wear Many Hats'

    Really means: You’re going to do the work of an entire department. 

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  • 'We're Looking For A Self-Starter'
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    'We're Looking For A Self-Starter'

    Really means: You're pretty much on your own, pal.

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  • 'Be Your Own Boss'
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    'Be Your Own Boss'

    Really means: This is an MLM scam. Run. Run far away. 

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  • 'We're Like A Family Here'
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    'We're Like A Family Here'

    Really means: You’ll be guilted into working unpaid overtime and never see your own family.

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  • 'Entry-Level Position'
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    'Entry-Level Position'

    Really means: We’re looking to offer entry-level pay while still requiring five years of experience.

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