Weird Nature An Angry Swan Attacked Two Workers And It's Hard Not To Laugh At The Footage  

Mick Jacobs

Ugly ducklings grow into beautiful swans, but that transformation doesn't always apply to their personalities. In the video below, two repair workers trying to fix a pump find themselves at the mercy of a black swan with a terrible temper.

Though typically known for grace and beauty thanks to people like Tchaikovsky, swans actually possess rather temperamental dispositions, and these two Englishmen discover as much the hard way.

For a single bird, this swan boasts a lot of gumption, more than willing to approach to the workers' vessel and put its beak in their business. This is basically Swan Lake if Odette ended up stuck as a waterfowl for the rest of her life, and instead of dying decided to rain on every parade she could find.

"This will be viral by morning," one of the men remarks, and it's pretty easy to see why. Prove him right by watching the video below. It might just change how you look at swans forever.