Great Comedy Shows About the Workplace and Co-Workers

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The office is a breeding ground for conflict and in the hands of great sitcom producers that leads to timeless comedy. The best workplace comedy shows feature characters dealing with office politics and coworkers they dislike while they try to get the job done. This is a list of the greatest comedy shows about working including everything from Cheers to The Mary Tyler Moore Show to The Mindy Project.

What sitcoms will you find on this list of the best funny shows about the workplace? In the American remake of The Office, Steve Carell stars as the bumbling boss of a failing paper company. Parks and Recreation is another great show about the workplace - this time the government of a small town. In the hit TV sitcom Scrubs, a hospital served as the place of work for a hilarious cast of characters. Other good shows featured on this list include Murphy Brown, Silicon Valley, and The Larry Sanders Show.

Which office comedy deserves the top spot on this list? Give your favorites a thumbs up and then check out the best new workplace TV comedies.


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