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The World's Best LGBTQ+ Pride Festivals

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A list of the world's best cities to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride. Festivals and parades are so much fun at annual pride celebrations all over the world. Where are the most fun destinations for gay pride? The list includes the most gay-friendly cities in the US as well as beautiful travel locales in Europe, Asia, and South America. June is considered pride month and the gallery below offers top city recommendations of where to celebrate LGBTQ+ history and culture. Not every city in the world holds its pride festival in the month of June. Just like with any travel planning, always make sure to check when a specific place is celebrating its pride festivities and pride march.

Commemorating the Stonewall riots of June 1969, hundreds of pride events take place every year in big cities and small towns across the globe. The rainbow flag adorns every inch of a pride festival and are also waved by parade-goers to symbolize the diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. Even though there is much celebration at a pride fest, it is also important to recognize and honor the struggles for equality and human rights throughout history. Various LGBTQ+ organizations and advocacy groups participate in these massive events to educate and inspire future generations.

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