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World's Top Most Poisonous & Deadliest Snakes

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No doubt, snakes are the deadliest, venomous creatures, yet are the most beautiful creation of mother nature. Snakes as always are wonderful species of our eco system. As like other wild creatures, their existence too is indeed important to maintain nature's ecological balance. Snakes never attack humans willingly else they get aggressive only when are hurt or disturbed without warning. It's their natural wild instinct of self-defense that force any venomous snake to strike. In fact, as much as we fear snakes, they too fear humans and other bigger species. Deadly snakebite is always a worst hazardous accident. Lack of proper medical treatment on time can cause a major physical damage to an injured, may even prove fatal. Good knowledge, smart approach and scientific understanding of top venomous serpents can help us clarify many misconceptions about these wonderful wild species.

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    Coastal taipan

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    Black Mamba ( Dendroaspis Polylepis )

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    Snake's Description : The Black Mamba, largest of the species, is uniformly olive to black. It mouth has a black internal lining. Thus named Black Mamba. There is also another specie of Mamba called Green Mamba, it looks yellowish-green in colour.

    Snake's Toxic Rank 6 : Africa's most feared toxic snake Black Mamba is the world's No.6 venomous snake. Black Mamba is highly toxic and notoriously aggressive.

    Snake's Characteristics : The Black Mamba's nickname is "bottom up snake", the victim supposedly has time for one quick drink before death. As said earlier, it is the dreaded snake species of Africa. Treat it with great respect and always stay away from it. Mamba is not only highly venomous but also aggressive and its victim has very little chance to escape from a bite. Its venom is highly neurotoxic. Hence Black Mamba's bite is always 100% fatal ifantivenom is not administered quickly. Despite the name this snake is actually brownish-gray in colour. When threatened, it opens its mouth wide and gives the victims a good view of the black internal lining of its mouth. Black Mamba is the fastest land snake in the world, reaching top speeds of 16-19 km/hr in short bursts.

    Snake's Habitat : Black Mamba's habitat also varies from farmlands to dense rain forests. It is also commonly found around human settlements and sometimes even on trees.

    Snake's Length : Black Mambas can grow up to 4.3 meters in length.

    Snake's Distribution : Black Mambas are found in African savannas and open woodlands.

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    Caspian Cobra

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    Russell's Viper ( Vipera Russellii )

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    Snake's Description : Russell Viper has a light brown body with three rows of dark brown or black splotches bordered with white or yellow extending its entire length.

    Snake's Toxic Rank 5 : Russell's viper is the world's No.5 Venomous snake. Its too a highly venomous snake.

    Snake's Characteristics : Russell Viper is a dangerous specie abundant over its entire range. It is responsible for more human fatalities than any other venomous snake. It is irritable. When threatened, it coils tightly, hisses and strikes with such speed that its victim has little chance of escaping. Its hemotoxic venom is a powerful coagulant, damaging tissue and blood cells.

    Snake's Habitat : Russell Viper's habitat varies from farmlands to dense rain forests. It is commonly found around human settlements.

    Snake's Length : Russell Viper's average length is 1 meter and maximum of 1.5 meters.

    Snake's Distribution : Russell Vipers are found in Sri-Lanka, Southern China, India, Malaysian Peninsula, Java, Sumatra, Borneo and surrounding islands.

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