Weirdly Interesting New Tech Advancements That Could Change The World  

Rebecca High

There's no denying the rapid expansion of technology. Advancements in space exploration, medicine, and artificial intelligence are just some of ways in which phenomenal research manifests. This video explores a few of the most impressive technological advances that might soon become reality.

Just remember for a moment where technology has taken us already. We have microwaves, watches that tell us our heart rate, and impossible burgers. We have even finally caught the Golden State Killer with the aid of DNA analysis.

But in all seriousness, technological advancements also come with a price, and there are social, moral, and ethical ramifications to consider each time you "make progress." That is one of the biggest concerns with CRISPR, a method of editing genomes which could potentially eliminate diseases. It's an incredible medical breakthrough, but are there ethical limits to how we should use it?

Watch this video for some of the most impressive technological feats that may soon be as much a part of our everyday lives as the cure for polio.