Who Are You Rooting For In The 2022 World Cup?

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Vote up the team or teams you're supporting in this year's FIFA World Cup.

Obviously, the really big question is who will win the World Cup in 2022, but we'll get an answer to that one after a solid month of global soccer mania. Another question is almost as important, and it won't be answered on the pitch: Who should win the World Cup this year?

In order to find the answer, we've made a list on which football fanatics (call them “soccer sycophants” in the States) can vote. It's an easier way to figure out which World Cup teams have the most vocal cheering at Qatar this year than walking around asking people “So, who are you rooting for at the World Cup?”

That's the question, though, so vote up the teams you're rooting for to win the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

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