Gaming Things Only People with Warcraft Addictions Understand  

Jacob Shelton
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If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, you know how engrossing the gameplay of the world’s most popular MMORPG is. Warcraft addiction is a real thing, and it’s affected a lot of players, but if you keep your eye on the clock, and remember to go outside every once in a while, you should be able to keep grinding without ruining your relationships. This list is full of things you’ve said to yourself if you’ve ever played too much Warcraft. And if you're a regular player who can't wait for the release of the Warcraft movie (June 10, 2016), you’ll appreciate this collection of things only people with Warcraft addictions can understand.

When you become a World of Warcraft addict, you hardly realize that’s what’s happening to you. First, you take a long weekend on a couple guild raids, and then maybe you stay up past your bedtime to grind for some experience points. The next thing you know, you’re calling out of work so you can go from inn to inn dancing for gold. It’s a slippery slope, but once you begin your descent into Warcraft addiction it’s hard to pull yourself out of the W hole. If you’ve ever played too much WoW, you’ll laugh your perfectly sculpted orc butt off at these signs that you’ve got a serious World of Warcraft addiction.

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Running Back to Your Body

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So this isn't really that bad now that there are more graveyards, but OMG do you remember how annoying it was during Cataclysm when Deathwing would randomly wipe you out while you were in the middle of grinding and you had to run all the way back to Felwood? 
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Tuesday Mornings Are the Bane of Your Existence

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For those not in the know, Blizzard takes down the Warcraft servers on Tuesday mornings (in America) for scheduled maintenance, and on a bad day Tuesday morning can turn into Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes it can feel like Blizzard is actively trying to ruin your day, and by sometimes we mean all the time. 
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Shouting "Leeroy Jenkins!" When Doing Something Stupid

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Admit it, there's been at least one time in your life when you've been in public and you screamed "LEEEROOOY JENKINS!" as you surfed on top of a grocery store cart or something. So what if your friends know that you're a huge nerd? You've always got your guild. 
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Judging People by Their Faction

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Honestly, this is hard to do even for us. When you see a Horde bumper sticker in traffic, it's hard not to shout "For the Horde!" at the driver in front of you. And when you find out that annoying guy at work is part of the Alliance (because of course he is), it's hard not to hold it against him. The one thing you have to remember is that we're all just a bunch of dorks who love to play video games. 
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