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World's Richest & Hottest Young Royals

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Richest and hottest young royals in the world: To be on this list you need to be rich, hot, young and of royal blood. All of the people on here fall under those categories and they are the wealthiest and most good-looking of their kind. These rich, hot young princes and princesses are an attraction in and of themselves. They are the world's richest and hottest young royals and continue to make the monarch system an attractive way to run a country.

Who are the world's richest and hottest royals? Take a look here and you'll see who lives the glamourous life fit for a future monarch. Jealous? Well you should be.

Queens and kings (and all the soon-to-bes) never looked so good. I first came across this list here:, and wanted one for myself to share with others. Enjoy!